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Lovely Laurel MS wedding rings are on display at Kux Jewelers. We are proud to be your local Love Story jewelry store. As part of Leading Jewelers Guild, we are the only establishment in Laurel authorized to sell exclusive Love Story diamond jewelry. Before you choose a diamond, make sure you choose your jewelry store. It’s a critical starting point because if you don’t feel at ease with your jewelry sales person, the experience of deciding on a heart-felt item of jewelry for your special day will be fraught with worry. Love Story jewelry stores, the first-rate merchants associated with Leading Jewelers Guild, should be your ultimate destination.

The wedding rings in Laurel that are most desirable aren't found just anywhere. However, in a great jewelry store, you ought to be able to buy everything you want. Kux Jewelers offers all five collections of Love Story diamond jewelry, such as rings, pendants and earrings, and especially, men's wedding rings. The collections were inspired by everlasting tales of love and designed in their honor.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s well known historical saga was inspiration for among the most outstanding diamond jewelry ever offered by Love Story jewelers. Every single gemstone is cut with a distinctive pattern of facets which brings out the most brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. The diamonds that comprise Cleopatra’s Passion® can be bought separately.

One of Love Story's most versatile collections is Legendary Love®, which was crafted honoring the heartbreaking saga of Tristan and Isolde. The rings, earrings and pendants that form this amazing collection are set with our "Ideal Cut" diamonds. They are cut to Love Story's rigid parameters.

Claire de Lune was the muse for Love Story’s Only You® Collection. Each comfort fit setting is paired with a full cut diamond melle and a specially selected, finely-cut center stone to produce a ring which is apt to please!

Virtually everyone is familiar with Shakespeare's tragic account of Romeo and Juliet. Love Story's Romeo in Love® originated in honor of these star-crossed lovers. A marvelous variety of men's wedding rings constitutes this collection. You may opt for traditional or contemporary styling in white gold, yellow gold or two toned gold. Many of these gorgeous bands come with diamonds!

Love Story’s Epic Love® Collection is based on the ageless legend of the lovers Orpheus and Euredice. It epitomizes an extremely popular heirloom design. Bands of 14K or 18K gold boast center set diamonds which were selected because of their extraordinary sparkle and color. Many settings are available as semi-mounts while some offer platinum crowns.

Jewelry retailers connected with Leading Jewelers Guild are the only merchants authorized to sell spectacular Love Story diamond jewelry. Be sure to visit one of our locations throughout the United States and Canada to view the best value and highest quality diamond jewelry anywhere!

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