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Choosing a Diamond is A Big Event, Let Us Help

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Choosing diamond jewelry is a big event. You have a right to be choosey. At Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers we encourage it. When you’re shopping for diamond jewelry that gets noticed in a crowd and that you can be proud of, you must visit us at your local Love Story&reg brand diamond jewelers.

Our store is honored to present the Love Story Diamond brand, a brand that symbolizes diamond quality and value throughout the world. Love Story excellence is created by the outstanding buying power of a cooperative of independent jewelers called the Leading Jewelers Guild. Our business connects with other jewelers from around the country to purchase gems at the lowest possible prices and pass the savings along to you, our customers.

What makes a diamond beautiful and gets noticed is the way it plays with light, shines and glimmers. The quality of a diamond is often determined by its ability to reflect light, return white and colored light, and scintillation. Diamond pendants, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond wedding bands, diamond anniversary bands…you name it, and it has traditionally been graded using what’s commonly known as the four C's. Carat weight is simply the weight of a diamond. Color and clarity are important when determining the rarity of a diamond. Cut is the C that helps determine the light performance of a diamond.

Diamonds are graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Diamond experts insist on a certified color comparison before attempting to make a fair evaluation, showing just how difficult differences in color grades are to see, especially to the untrained eye. Extremely slight color differences can be very important to determine rarity of a diamond, but are never a crucial factor in determining its beauty.

This refers to the diamond’s tiny internal markings or inclusions. Most diamonds have them. However, the fewer a diamond has, the more valuable it is. The differences in clarity can only be distinguished with a powerful microscope. A flawless diamond is no more beautiful to the naked human eye than a grade in the middle of the scale. Extremely understated differences in clarity are very important to determine a gemstone’s rarity, but only affect beauty when in the very low end of the scale.

Carat Weight
A single carat is divided into 100 points, which means that 50 points equals a half-carat. While the weight of a diamond is important, it doesn't necessarily provide the perceived size of a diamond. A shallow cut diamond will have a greater diameter, and will therefore look larger. A diamond with better light presentation will look considerably bigger than it actually is. Think about the low and high beams on an auto headlight when you think about the weight of a diamond. Even though the light originates from the same bulb, the high beam appears to come from a much larger bulb.

This is crucial, too. It refers to the way the diamond is faceted. A well-cut diamond will reflect the light straight back to your eye. A deep or shallow cut sends the light out to the sides or bottom of the diamond, which can make it look dark or milky. The cut of a diamond might be the most difficult to judge. A diamond with facets cut only a few degrees out of alignment can result in a poorly performing stone. For a round brilliant cut, there is a balance between "brilliance" and "fire." When diamond jewelry is cut for too much "fire," it looks fake.

Along with being particular about your choice of diamond, we encourage you to be particular about your diamond engagement rings store. At Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers, our service can stand up to the closest scrutiny. You’ll find our people friendly, helpful, and eager to put you at ease.

Our store’s affiliation with nationally renowned diamond jewelers in the Love Story and Leading Jewelers Guild family gives you greater confidence that the diamond purchases you make fulfill your expectations of getting genuinely beautiful diamonds with superior brilliance, fire and sparkle.

With five distinct collections providing unique individuality and a multitude of choices you simply can’t go wrong with a Love Story diamond jewelry store. Visit your local Love Story Jewelers today!










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